Be a Virtual Organisation by 2020?

We did. Our Leadership is hands-on, our organisational structure is flat (with a hint of functional) and our business model is a Virtual Business. We are successfully growing a Virtual Business and you can too. 

Virtual organisations are the future because bodies and bums cost money with no guarantee of value. Brick and mortar refer to a traditional street-side business that deals with its customers face-to-face in an office or store that the business owns or rents, however, in the age of the customer fewer and fewer customers require face-to-face. MyGov, eBay, and virtual tours are now the norm, and shop fronts are closing, so why not go mobile, then go sub-contractor, then transition into a virtual business or some matrix version of them all.

Collappor8 loves meeting its clients in coffee shops, bars and/or staying in touch with our customers by attending their premises. We think there is a place for bricks and mortar – and if we are completely honest. We want to grow to a team of 25 in the next 7 years. But not in the traditional way. We want sub-contractors, we want workers to work how they want when they want and how they want. Not all out=r clients want all specialties all the time, so we to configure a team for each engagement. As Management Consulting with a fusion of Accountancy and economic investment analytics – we are well positioned to spearhead any business problem has at any time. Not 9am-5pm, not using available staff.

What is a Virtual Organisation?

There are two main types of Virtual Organisation. One whose “employees” are spread geographically and communicate via phone, email, and the internet. The concept explores technologies and issues surrounding virtual organisations from a knowledge management perspective. We refer to this model as “Going Mobile’, a business without physical, geographical, or structural constraints. The other, a form of partnership defined as a temporary collection of enterprises that cooperate and share resources, knowledge, and competencies to better respond to business opportunities.


Advances in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and trends such as agility, and the immense growth of social media, instant gratification has become an expectation, and the norm rather than the exception. Consumers expect quick if not immediate responses. Collappor8 saw the opportunity to enter this space largely because of the impatience of customers across many industries, started to motivate different organisations to cooperate and come together to explore business opportunities and fulfil business and customer tasks, that they were no longer able to perform efficiently themselves.

What is the downside?

The downside of moving toward a virtual business model is clearly outweighed by the upside, but we find that the individual in the business that resists it the most has not done the math. So converting clients to the idea of outsourcing, or going mobile, is a simple exercise of doing the math. We are yet to lose in the numbers game for a business with a turnover of $20m or less. If you are considering ways to increase productivity and reduce costs, we would love to hear from you. We are not saying that every partnership is fruitful, we’re saying that disruption allows flexibility is your business model, and all Australian businesses need to increase there competitiveness or risk becoming obsolete.

The Upside? Virtual Organisation

To be truly successful, there must be trust among partners, collaboration and value creation. We often get asked how can two businesses build trust quickly, and my quick answer, is “Contracts”, with penalties that hurt. This usually helps everyone behave themselves.

If I want to go mobile or transition to a Virtual Business, What do I do? 

If you are still interested in pursuing a transitional plan toward a virtual business model and have turnover less than $20m, we are ready to contract with you and instil immediate trust. Consider this a great cost costing experience!

Trust Contract Business
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