Collaboration is Powerful – Here’s Why

Collaboration has gained much traction in recent decades as a crucial element in keeping your business successful. Companies have long seen the true value of encouraging a spirit of collaboration into their worker’s daily routine, and this spirit shouldn’t be undermined the current world of isolation and quarantine.

Science doesn’t lie – consistent research is being pumped out from well-documented research studies to highlight how important it is to collaborate. As research from Herman Miller finds, 30% of an individual’s output back in 1985 was dependent on working within a group. In 2010, this had increased to 80%, and there is a particular reason to think that this figure hasn’t increased again by 2020 if not hindered by workers staying at home.

But why is collaboration such a powerful tool?

Collaboration as a concept is borne of 3 parts: teamwork, process, and value of purpose. It’s a form of teamwork that comes from a myriad of different perspectives to brainstorm a solution for a shared goal. By inviting specialists that have different expertise that corresponds with different aspects of the goal trying to be achieved, completing and excelling in the project with efficiency can be achieved.

Also, understand that all three conceptual parts of collaboration do not require physical contact. Collaboration is the exchange of skills, knowledge and ideas, before the individuals skilled in their areas complete their tasks finish their part of the job and giving it to the next person. Virtual collaboration has just as much virtue in keeping projects fresh and helping each other achieve in their goals.

Collaboration is a Motivating Force

Collaborating with one another is powerful because it is motivating.

In a great collaborative environment, working together should inspire engagement, creativity and inspiration as each member finds new ways to forge forward on issues towards a shared, beneficial goal.  Instead of shoe boxing everyone with the same specialty into different departments, collaboration breaks boundaries and creates an understandable, proven reason to bring separate teams, departments, businesses and whole organisations together for greater benefits.

Through virtual teams, these meetings between departments and businesses are more viable than ever, allowing anyone from anywhere to create an efficient group that inspires not only ideas but workplace motivation.

Collappor8 Collaboration

Collaboration Reconceptualises the Office

Additionally, it’s a great way to save floor space – creating collaborative spaces in activity-based office design is great for businesses looking to minimise their unused private offices and formal meeting spaces.

Office design has become an increasingly scientific and psychological process, as offices are now trying to get their offices to create the most productive, supportive place possible while adapting to what the new decade brings in technological advances and new-generation values. The rise of collaborative spaces – whether virtual or physical – has created another way to maximise office space and reduce unused, unnecessary spaces into something with long-term value for businesses.

Helping communication, opening up new boundaries and innovative possibilities; collaboration is now a well-known tool to help businesses power their business success, especially in an age where even traditional, person-based workspaces are forced to innovate in the digital realm.

Adapt to the future by powering your business with a culture that encourages open communication and healthy collaboration, and keep staying ahead of the game.

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