Ignite Your Company Branding Through Your Office Interiors

Mission statements, company goals, logos, products – all of these are probably part of your grand business branding and goals that creates the greater brand identity that you present to the public. However, does plastering a few logos and sell-out products here and there in your office make your workers feel included valued in your company? Probably not. Company Branding can be a tricky thing to instil in your employees but if achievable is a valuable tool

In fact, mandatory and impersonal company cheers placed on prominent walls and surfaces might even create cognitive dissonance that leads to your employees disengaging from your company’s culture, feeling like it’s an external burden to uphold instead something to take up and be proud of.

Office Interiors can play a great part in creating a space where your workers feel included in your larger brand identity and mission, creating an engaging workplace that encourages workers to live and breathe your core values because they feel like they’re contributing to something greater than them.

As people grow more and more aware of brand design and the intentions behind them, it becomes increasingly important that you strategically implement office design to further your brand effectively to your employees, investors, shareholders, potential clients – anyone that’s involved in your business.  Your ultimate goal is to create a company branding that injects the company personality you want into your office – welcoming new talent and attracting your workers back to work every day.

Team Work sports and company brandingOffice Design And Interiors Is Vital To Company Branding and Culture

Your employees most likely spend most of their time in their week at the office, living and breathing the work environment you provide. With that said, with Millennials overtaking the Baby Boomers in the workforce population by 2020, reshuffling office priorities has become a main issue in business. Instead of professional and private cubicles, Millennials are highly motivated to work in a place that supports socialising, flexibility, work-life balance, and a culture that seems like an extension of their values instead of an alien section to balance with.

Office design creates the opportunity and stage to create the culture of your business, grounding your values and mission into the very place that they sit, think and work. Services and design choices like using environmentally sustainable cups and materials, ergonomic lighting and equipment, or providing an eating hub filled with healthy produce send a message of what you’re trying to do that your workers and investors can unpack and appreciate.

Interior branding can be unobtrusive while still creating the corporate culture you want. Consulting with design specialists can help you seamlessly blend your company branding into your interior design so you don’t intrude into your worker’s life while still communicating to them where they work, your mission and your goals.  Reinforcing your company culture and brand then creates the attitude and personality of your company. For example, strategic placement of digital conference room displays or whiteboards with company themes that encourage your employees to contribute can impact the people who spend time there and make them feel included.

Secondly, try not to focus too much on your interior branding. Company colours and logos on your windows are a great start, but in the grand scheme of branding your company, that’s merely on the level of decoration.

Ignite company branding for millenialsThink. What office features are you including to encourage behaviour that’s consistent with your values?  What are you doing to immerse anyone who walks into your office into the culture you’re building, making them feel engaged, valued, and connected to the company on a personal level?

Custom images for events and products you wish to release are a good start. Broadcast your networking and socialising events and the success of your products (with the efforts of your employees in mind) with enticing imagery throughout the office. This both remind your workers to go to your events, while secondly reminds them that they’re in a fun, productive office culture that appreciates their workers. A good leader rallies the troops. 

Another is to truly recognise your employees – highlighting a worker, or a team publicly can make your workers feel like their employer cares about them and their work. Recognising and rewarding employees accordingly (as big or as small as you want) for their achievements is a great start in creating an engaging culture. Reiterate your company goals alongside proudly posting your team’s achievements in the office – it both visualises expectations on great company behaviour and goals while keeping people happy.

appreciation to ignite corporate brandingYour office is always a multifaceted asset that informs and inspires any stakeholder and employee of your mission, brand, products and culture that you are always aspiring to be at any moment. So take advantage of it with an effective company branding strategy!

Want to know more about how to brand your company for the best, engaging culture possible? Find out more with us on (02) 8774 2682 to have a chat with our experienced business consultants, or contact us via our chat on the Collappor8 page. We’re more than happy to help!

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