Charter of Success TM

Collappor8 wants each engagement to be meaningful, clear and concise. We guarantee our work and a Charter of Success TM is how we do it. A Charter of Success is a set of concepts and skills that focus our collaborative team; enabling us to start quickly, engage effectively, break apart at the project or role completion and even re-engage. In other words, the charter of success is a roadmap that keeps the teams’ efforts concentrated on its purpose so commercial success can be achieved.

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How can you tell if your consultant is good?

Our Trade Marked Charter of Success is a roadmap that can be used to find team members who get lost along the way, the ones who take their task, run with it and don’t look back. Our Charter of Success assists us to easily identify these team members, turn them around and get them back on the right track before too much time is lost heading in the wrong direction.

The simple act of signing the Charter of Success is very powerful in helping each of the team members commit to those items agreed upon by the team. As the team works and completes its tasks, the Charter of Success will help guide the team along the path to success.

Collappor8 - Charter of Success TM

Charter of success | Collappor8

Charter of Success Overview

Once the decision has been taken to proceed, and our services are engaged, Collappor8 may draft a Charter of Success in collaboration with the client.

We value transparency and understanding to neutralize any concerns about using external consultants.

A Charter of Success will:

+ Set Expectations

+ Provide Structure

+ Clarify Roles

+ Set Motivating Goal

+ Give and Receive Feedback

+ Be the basis of our Guarantee

The scope of work describes the problem needed to be solved. It may outline:

+ The reason for the team’s existence

+ What motivates the teams?

+ The core business activity.

If we cannot agree to a scope, it almost impossible to deliver an end product which meets all expectations within the given time-frame and budget.

Project Milestones

Milestones will serve as the blueprint through which the team designs its future. Milestones are tools used in project management to mark specific points along a project timeline. There are two different types of milestones that these project teams could develop:

a) Work plan goals and

b) Process improvement goals.

Project milestones provide an opportunity to pause and consider where you’ve been, celebrate your wins, and remain focused on where you are going, how you are progressing, delivery dates, deliverable due dates, and project completion.

The Measure of Success

The Charter of Success must address the following items because this is where projects are most likely to fail. This is the point where customers can start to ask “how can you tell if your consultant is ripping you off?” So to avoid this sentiment, Collappor8 Management Consultants lead your project and strive to answer the following questions with as much clarity as possible.

+ Is the milestone easy to understand?

+ Is it specific and measurable?

+ Can everyone on the team live with it?

+ Is it achievable?

+ If we accomplish it, will it make a difference in our overall commercial success?

+ Will our clients be happy with the results?


Because if we do not achieve what our Charter of Success says we may have to work for free. But we have yet to fail to achieve your objectives. Check out our reviews: Facebook, GoogleMyBusiness

Operating Guidelines

Guidelines we could consider for project teams might be some or all of the following:

Meeting guidelines (when, where, how, what, who?)

Decision making guidelines

Workload distribution

Internal and external communications

Team additions/terminations

Code of conduct and safe environment

Conflict resolution process

The Charter of Success is a vital tool for a smooth, enjoyable deployment of all our projects.


Charter of Success - Brainstorm to ActSo, to conclude, the positive participation of project stakeholders at all levels is not just a preferred condition for a successful project, it is imperative for success. Collaboration and agreement are the key indicators of success in any project.

We now know that brain storming is important at every stage of the Charter of Success, having the ability to scratch the project at any point along the way, or due diligence a pathway out. What this means is that sometimes we come across obstacles that cannot be overcome, but this decision can only become clear under intense scrutiny, and we suggest that before a Red Flag is thrown in on the play, the Project Team must debate the issue with vigour. Then we move back up the decision tree and look for another route to success.

We are reminded that the Scope, the problem and ultimately the objective will play a pivotal role in completing the project, so that the team, and its’ individual or collective members are not distracted by other objectives, self-interest, or extended benefits, and stay bound to the mission.

That when drafting the Charter of Success we will base the allocation of resources according to the outcomes of brainstorming sessions, and it is here that we ensure:

Tasks are assigned to team members with the right skills;

Team members not assigned more than they can handle;

The team knows who is accountable for assigned tasks (no hiding from the COS)

It is with this that commercial success will be inevitable, even if the project is not per se. Team Work will be a greater success than any one solution to any one project. Your Collappor8 Management Consultant will keep track of all the details and be able to answer all your questions and provide options when the variable change.

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