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Our team puts an exceptional focus on customer success. We view customers as partners and take significant pride in consistently beating their highest expectations. Our Team of consultants are passionate advocates for customers, enabling the rapid deployment of mission-critical resources.

Collappor8 believes that our people are our strengths. Our team comprises of diverse and qualified professionals, including qualified Chartered Accountants, and Strategists who are committed to providing excellence. We can assemble the right team with the right experience to help clients. We pride ourselves on having great knowledge, hands-on experience and most importantly exceptional judgement.

We are demanding of ourselves, are fearless, considered and motivated to succeed. This means that whatever our clients NEEDS are – we have the solution!

Our Charter of Success measures our success against our clients’ success. We stand behind our work, so confident that we offer our customers a satisfaction guarantee.

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Blue Chip Pedigree

Our Managing Partners have blue-chip pedigree. The benefits of working at Blue Chip Companies is that they have been around a long time, gone through many transformations, surviving downturns, thriving in upturns, whilst committed to scaling.  These environments are also extremely competitive, challenging & rewarding.

The most valuable takeaway from this is whilst being surrounded by seriously talented individuals, how to be an effective team member or Leader with the sole objective of collectively helping its client!

We understand that engaging consultants comes with endless concerns, and a misconception that they are “out to get someone”, “too expensive’, or a waste of time and money” with no guarantee of results. Our Leadership is hands-on, carefully curating a Team for each Project or engagement based on its business resources, location, budget, timeline and objectives.

  • Jo Johnston

    Director & Economist

    Jo Johnston relentlessly challenges the status quo, testing limits of innovation, entrepreneurship...

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  • Leah Ostermeyer


    Leah is a qualified Accountant with 12 years’ extensive experience in business services across...

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  • Sharon Lam

    Managing Consultant

    Sharon Lam is the Managing Consultant at Collappor8. The creative powerhouse behind Collappor8's...

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  • Joyce Lam


    Joyce Lam is a communicator of languages and passions. Joyce’s vibrant spirit and diverse interests...

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  • Bhuvana Ramkumar


    Bhuvana Ramkumar, the rising star in Management Consultancy at Collappor8, eager to drive change...

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