Sharon LamManaging Consultant

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Areas of Expertise
  • Team Management
  • Research
  • Grant Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Content Writing
  • English
  • Bachelor of Psychological Science, Psychology and Criminology, UNSW, 2016
  • Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced (APAC Accredited 4th yr), 2018
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Sharon Lam, the creative powerhouse behind Collappor8’s writing team, combines her passion for psychology and business with a flair for the written word. With her academic foundation of a Bachelors of Psychology from UNSW and an APAC accredited Graduate Diploma from Monash University, Sharon’s journey led her to Collappor8, where she’s been mixing psychological savvy with business strategy since 2019.

When she’s not masterminding compelling content or strategising, Sharon embarks on epic RPG quests, crafts captivating stories, and dives fork-first into the world of culinary exploration. Her role at Collappor8? To ensure every word counts, every strategy is psychologically sound, and creativity knows no bounds.

Collappor8 takes a collaborative approach to business knowing that ‘two heads are better than one, three heads are better than two’ and so on. Collappor8 consultants are highly qualified; experienced experts in their field supported by a vast network of staff ready to tackle business problems wherever they stem.

Sharon’s Collappor8 Story

As a Psychology Graduate, I entered Collappor8 as a Business Psychology Consultant. Collappor8 holds psychology and what it can offer to business in high esteem, challenging me to contribute to team discussions by approaching them 360 degrees, as well as allowing me to lend my hand to tasks requiring psychological perspectives such as strategy, people and culture, sales and marketing, understanding customer desires, content creation and call-to-action, provision of alternative points of view (psychologically backed), and stakeholder analysis.

I’m dedicated to understanding the processes of how the world works – in people, business, and society, through utilising psychological theories and applying them in the workplace. Collappor8 provides a flexible approach for me learn, gain experience and carry on my further studies and pursue my other interests.

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