Get The Collappor8 Guarantee

Get the Collappor8 Guarantee

At Collappor8 we are confident in our abilities to diagnose and recommend effective solutions to your business problem. We promise to waive fees in the event of client-dissatisfaction, or to continue working at no extra charge until satisfaction is achieve. Get Our Charter of Success!

collappor8 guarantee

How can you possibly guarantee your consulting services, when your clients’ outcomes depend as much on their own part in the relationship as on yours?

With a Charter of Success!

“Contracts”, with penalties that hurt. This usally helps everyone behave themselves.

We promise to:

Be explicit in detailing our role

in your project or task, setting out in writing what is consider to be our responsibilities and which lie in your hands. We won’t commence any work until we have agreed the distribution of tasks and responsibilities.

Clearly document what is covered by our guarantee.

It will relate mainly to the diagnosis of problems and the recommendations we provide. We may extend the Guarantee to the successful implementation, we may also guarantee quantified cost savings or performance-improvement measures.

Safeguard our own interests

by pausing frequently to ask you to evaluate the contribution we are making. If at any point, you expresses dissatisfaction, we can make adjustments to resolve issues and increase value.

Cut out early.

If it becomes clear that we are simply unable to deliver the value expected by you, we can terminate the consulting relationship. Naturally we will need to comply with your guarantee of returned fees (or of charging no fees).

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