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Coronavirus and its impact on People and CultureApply for Jobkeeper and government incentives for staff during Coronavirus

Can I keep my staff on during the coronavirus crisis?

Whether you can keep your staff on during the coronavirus crisis will depend on many factors. We are asking clients to put together their employee contacts, and other records including financials, and payroll reports so we can help them keep their staff on.

Am I eligible for Jobkeeper?

Whether you are eligible for jobkeeper can be tricky with the 12 months rule for casuals, so get in touch and have our outsource HR and Accountants talk you through the possibilities.


These are the two biggest problems we are solving right now. But we can handle most issues.

People & CultureThe Heartbeat of your Business

People are the beating heart of any business. How valuable people are can be measured – much like other assets of the business, and we all strive for our people to be more successful, effective, productive, and satisfied in their positions. Human Capital is a measure of the skills, education, capacity and attributes of a worker. The theory refers to the stock of not just knowledge, but habits, social and personality attributes that build successful teams and thriving businesses. This is people and Culture.

A happy worker is a productive worker is a logical assumption, but an ambiguous one. Psychological well-being and job performance are highly correlated. Leadership must recognise and grow great talent, build capable teams, and cultivate a culture that innovates and motivates its employees to be efficient, productive, and conducive to a great working environment for all.

We work with you and your business to redesign an organisation of the future, with a strong commercial focus on training & retaining talent. To ensure your success we will develop a plan in conjunction with your wider strategic business plans. We have proven knowledge of organisational design, change management and transformation and redesign to create an organisation for the future. We have extensive global experience in motivating people, shaping change, and creating diverse opportunities.

Change ManagementWe Re-inspire by Redesigning

Many business leaders approach change management apprehensively – worried about having to persuade reluctant staff to accept new ways of doing business. Yet many staff welcome change provided they have a chance to collaborate in it. Good change management processes start with a realistic analysis of your business systems, processes, structures, strategies and leadership approaches to determine the actual need for change. For your business to survive it will need to evolve. For it to evolve, you need to make changes.

Once you’ve prepared your workforce it’s time to deploy your changes and guide the team as they adapt. Communication, collaboration, support, and learning are vital, as you want to constrict any difficulties in the transition stages and address problems as soon as they arise.

Business SystemisationInnovation Through Documentation

Documenting business processes, or business systemisation will free up space in your business to continue to grow and develop – secure in the knowledge that things will go smoothly and energy is not being wasted on debated old issues. Documenting your business processes will help you and your workforce understand your business in terms of its individual processes, aimed at meeting your customers’ needs.

You will be able to better evaluate the transformation of business, assess financial and non-financial performance in terms of the value chain, and streamline your business strategy. This will allow your workers’ flexibility to provide deeper insight, implement changes and become invested in your success and meeting the overall objectives of the business in terms of strategic goals.

“empower, engage, develop”

Human ResourcesEmployee Relations Expert advice

Performance of an individual is dependent on the work atmosphere or culture that prevails in a business. Creating a good conducive working environment is expected from the Human Resources (HR) department. A safe and clean work culture helps in bringing the best of an employee and creates a higher job satisfaction so talent can be retained.

Many businesses cannot afford an HR person, let alone a department to oversee its people and regulate its culture, but many also cannot afford not to get the legislative requirements ‘wrong’ because the penalties can be ‘crippling‘. These duties often fall to someone within the business – which is fine, but knowing they can get help could save a lot of drama in the future. These businesses can count on us to guide you from time to time.



Hiring the right person is a great investment. To be successful you need to understand how the candidate’s aspiration fits with the job, vet them appropriately without hyper-focusing on their past, and before deciding to make sure candidates spend plenty of time with your team. It’s not advertising, interviewing, hiring.

Industrial Relations

Industrial Relations

Employers and employees have certain obligations or duties to each other under the law. Navigating this complex environment is tricky, with devastating consequences if done wrong! Businesses have been complacent for too long, but employees now and especially millennials are quick to report dodgy practices.

Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning

The changing demographics of employees and skills, the ability for organisations to remain competitive and the development of staff to ensure you have the workforce you need for the future to meet your service and product demands. Having the right mix of experience, education, technical skills and succession planning is extremely important.


Work Health Safety

Injury and sickness put a lot of pressure on workplaces, and staff. So reducing, anticipating, and planning for its occurrence is essential.  It is also a basic legal requirement. Health and safety programs should include workers in developing WHS  policies and procedures. Failure on this front can result in bad public relations and severe penalties.

Our Value Proposition

Collappor8 can help correct your workforce plan to respond to the rapidly changing economic environment by creating organisational agility within your workforce to enhance capability and achieve business objectives without the big price of recruitment agencies. Recruitment got outsourced decades ago, but with technology advancements, this process has become internalised again. It seems fitting because of the integration of culture and team composition into what is now the formula to success in an entrepreneurial era.

PerformanceBuilding Winning Teams

The performance of the individual is less important than the performance of the team. Building the right team, then working on the individual parts is a juggling act that requires finesse, just like putting together a sports team.

So how do you build a top performing team? We measure task performance, the proficiency with which an employee performs central job tasks. We measure contextual performance, employee behaviours within the context of your workplace, the organisation, social, and psychological situations you need them in. We measure adaptive performance – an employee’s proficiency in adapting to changes in work roles or environment in the benefit of the business. Finally, counterproductive work behaviour; this is behaviour that is harmful to the well-being of your business. By considering the above it is possible to work with psychological assessments and performance measures to build a champion team.

individual selection

Set Performance Goals

Setting performance goals, finding the right measures to track your success is a vital part of the process. If you want your staff to meet your goal you need to help them achieve their goals. Tracking these goals will let you know how well you’re doing, show you where you can improve and what effect your actions are having on your overall strategy. Three of the most popular modern measures are key performance indicators (KPIs), objectives and key results (OKRs) and key result areas (KRAs).


Measure Performance

Whatever measures you choose, the secret is to actually measure it. It may be hard to believe but the war for talent is escalating and when businesses cannot provide clear targets and multiple measures they fear that their success, their rewards and career path are not a priority. Your business, manager, and staff cannot afford to avoid measuring performance anymore. Top Talent strives and the workforce of the future cannot be afraid. To be prepared for the future you have to understand it.


Reward Performance

Getting the best out of your employees requires strong management. Strong management knows what motivates employees and what individual workers define as a reward because it’s not always money. Workers know that the most sought-after skills will mean the biggest reward package. Many move frequently and stay only as long as it serves them. Contract negotiations are key and ownership of intellectual property and the freedom to work are as important as financial incentives.

Team Learning

Develop Your Top Talent

Developing your skills and the skills of your employees can help to keep your business competitive. Take the time to work out what skills will help your business grow and what support is available for your business.

Quite simply, if you want to win and retain top talent, you need to embrace digital and be equally savvy in applying the right digital tools to capture that talent. You need to protect people, not jobs. Nurture agility, adaptability and re-skilling.

Our Value Proposition

Organisations can be more productive. SME can embrace technology and agility to gain a competitive advantage and better adjust to customer needs.  Three of the most popular modern measures are key performance indicators (KPIs), objectives and key results (OKRs) and key result areas (KRAs) and Collappor8 wants to work with you to develop a strategy for your business and your employees that meet your business objectives; empowers, engages, develops and retains your talent.

Organisational CultureCulture By Design

Do you know what your culture is? You have one, but is it one you can be proud of, one – your customers can invest in? Every business should have a customer-centric culture and it should develop that through your whole organisation, including the way your staff communicates with one another.  Internal and external communication combined with your business culture provide a positive customer experience before and after the sale in order to drive repeat business, customer loyalty and profits.

It has been our experience that one person does not influence workplace culture in a large business, but it absolutely does in a small business. Productivity and customers should design your culture, not your staff.  Collappor8 can help you with a few steps that are easy to implement and foster a customer-centric culture. As well as a few not so easy steps to reinforce its sustainability. There will be resistance, so you must be resolute. No strategy can work without strong commitment.

Fees Unstoppables Collappor8 Guarantee

Brand Implementation

Brand Strategy is not just a marketing team consideration, it is an organisational strategy. Ensuring your organisation keeps to the brand strategy will be the best support for cultural development. Speaking with your brand voice internally and externally will support your brand promise and provide your brand with authenticity.


Practices & Behaviours

The culture of your workplace determines how people behave and interact with each other. A positive workplace culture will focus on trust, respect, and consideration. A champion team will always beat a team of champions. Therefore, managing habits, interactions, and expectations – success and a positive culture will be the byproduct.


Change Management

Culture is largely influenced by the leaders of the business. We know this. There is no clear guide to follow. In order to develop a positive culture, a business must be honest in its pursuit. To honestly define, align, and manage your strategy, to meet your strategic objectives and customer needs.


Culture Enforcement

Routinely communicating and enforcing a standard of conduct, will reinforce your culture and brand. A toxic workplace is a workplace that is marked by significant drama and infighting, where personal battles often harm productivity, so enforcing your culture by design is critical.

Our Value Proposition

Our vision sets out the way we reimage your workforce for the future as you look to navigate a transforming landscape. In order to achieve success and gain any competitive edge, businesses need to be well-oiled machines. Your culture will play an integral part of retaining and attracting talent, customers and profit. Collappor8 works with you, to reshape internal attitudes and be proactive in the redesign of your culture.

Organisational DevelopmentBeing Organised is being in Control

The achievements of an organisation are the results of the combined effort of each individual, alone and collectively. Leadership contains certain elements of good management, but it requires that you inspire and that you build enduring trust. Organisational development is a systematic learning and development strategy intended to support the business’s strategy and objectives. The way a business is organised is simply the arrangement of components and resources based on the overall design. This is complemented by workplace culture – the set of beliefs, values, behavioural tendencies, and expectations among employees. These cannot be measured and allocated in isolation, because in our experience if there is no stakeholder buy-in, resources will drift back to a pre-strategy position and your efforts will be undone.

There are no rules anymore for how a business should be organised. Uniqueness, your uniqueness is a selling point, something that makes you stand out from the crowd, and something that can stand on its own-two-feet – be identifiable. Finding the right business structure, and the most efficient allocation of resources will strengthen your foundation, and provide the infrastructure for growth. A business your customers can rely on, so they keep coming back.



Workplaces are diverse, and employee issues complex. There’s no one size fits all approach to developing your staff and allocating resources sufficient to support them, however, if you invest the time in nurturing staff you’ll create a positive culture, where staff understand the needs of the business.

Code of Conduct

A Code of Conduct enhances the businesses core values, beliefs and sets the right culture. It protects the interest of the business by keeping workers focused on what the right course of action is for common situations, removing personal value dilemmas.

Organisational Redesign


Today’s organisations often need regular shake-ups, not tweaks. Organisational redesign involves the integration of structure, processes,  people and culture to support the implementation of the strategy.  To be successful a redesign should focus the resources of a company on its strategic priorities.



80% of organisational redesign decisions based on “gut feel” and undocumented are unsuccessful. Deliberate strategy, with concise documentation, stakeholder buy-in, staff collaboration, and constant monitoring are 5 times more likely to succeed. It is a blueprint that everyone can follow.

Our Value Proposition

Fortune magazine found that its Most Admired Companies had little in common when it came to aspects of their organizational design, beyond a flexible operating model. Collappor8 can assess your business and work with you to analyse your workplace, develop a code of conduct, redesign your organisation and prepare the documents you need to support your business strategy and achieves your business objectives. Ultimately making you more attractive to your clients and more competitive.

Leadership MentoringBorn or Made

There are certain qualities that many leaders have in common. Are these qualities learned or are they inherited? What makes a leader great?

Everybody deserves a chance to be the best version of themselves, to know what it is to be at the helm, responsible for your successes, and answerable to your failures, and have a sense of achievement, and be looked upon with trust and respect. Success is not the absence of failure; it’s the persistence through failure. Just because you’re a born leader, doesn’t make you a great leader. A great leader can be born, but one can also be made. But either way, both types of leaders need to hone their craft.


Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are a vital component in positioning management to make considered decisions about their businesses mission and goals, and decisively allocate resources to achieve those directives. Leadership skills include the ability to empower, inspire and communicate effectively.

About Collappor8 Values

Leadership Qualities

True enthusiasm for a business, its products, and its mission is vital, the #1 quality of any great leader. Fostering a sense of trust and loyalty in their employees is #2, then proceeds a long list of personal attributes. There is no magic formula, it is “situational”, and is deeply reliant on individuals and workplace culture.


Assessment & Analytics

Business success is a direct reflection of the leaders that oversee the business. Great Leaders are intelligent and self-aware. They embrace assessment and analyse their impact and effectiveness. They welcome feedback and are seekers of truth and knowledge.


Succession Planning

Succession planning gives workers hope. Many businesses don’t plan the development of staff, instead. Workers are getting what they need and moving on unless you can provide a pathway that meets their objectives. Very few people are looking to do the same job day in and day out for the next 5 years.

Our Value Proposition

The first step of any leadership development process is to focus on creating a suitable code of conduct that provides the foundation for all leadership development training initiatives and leader behaviours. Leaders and those aspiring to become leaders are more likely to proactively develop their code of conduct in conjunction with their business objectives.

Collappor8 can redesign your leadership program with an emphasis on value development because leaders must demonstrate “leader values’ in order to build trust and respect, and be available for consultation and advice. Values influence behaviour, actions/programs that require relevant behaviours are paramount when designing any leadership program. Use of SMART goals is integral to the training process because SMART goals keep the individual focused on acquiring the “leader” values.


This depends on you. It will depend on how far away from your goals you are right now. Your commitment and belief that people and culture are the best part of your business. Your desire to retain and develop top talent. Your need to attract the right people. Your decision to rethink and retrain your organisation, and whether you have the stomach to do what you need to.

No, firing someone is a last resort, but it is an option for two reasons. Firstly, if a member of your team is unwilling to side with you, your vision, and your method of obtaining goals, then it may be best to let them go so that one bad apple does not spoil the lot. Letting someone go is the last resort and only recommended if they are goal saboteurs.

Yes, unless you want us to manage the entire Project. We can step in and out of your business as and when you need. You are in the driving seat, our Charter of Success will outline how you want this to work. A set of parameters by which success is measured. That’s why we get a Charter of Success, to give you the confidence you need to feel in control; or give us the confidence that we have your support to do it for you.

You set the budget. We have transparent fees and payment arrangement, and we are flexible and happy to negotiate. Fees will depend on the resources you require, internally and externally, your timeline and the project’s complexity. Collappor8 always offers options (less and more). We also guarantee our work by using a mutually agreed Charter of Success! A set of parameters by which success is measured.

Projects can be charged hourly, however, for large projects we suggest a fixed fee. We are always happy to provide a quote.

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