Strategy & Corporate Finance


StrategyDriving New Growth

Strategy is Vital. Delivering a strategic plan is one of the most important things any business, regardless of size can undertake. A well-formulated and executed strategy establishes the foundations against which a business can create, monitor and measure its commercial successes. It allows the business to foresee their future and to prepare accordingly, to be proactive rather than reactive.

There are many benefits to strategic management including identification, prioritisation, and exploration of opportunities. It gives a sense of direction and security. It increases operational efficiency, with the ability to win market share and boost profitability. Most importantly, it can make a business more resilient to the challenges it faces.

Collappor8 focuses on resource maximisation and decision making. At its heart, strategy is about making choices about how and where to use your resources and talent. We provide the tools and advice that enable businesses to make difficult decisions and move ahead, taking confident steps that maximise value with the certainty that you have made the best possible decision for the business, your staff and your profit margins.

“Business leaders rely on us for their most challenging strategic decisions – what to do, how to do it, and when to do it”.

We want your business to succeed. Our business solutions are professional, practical and affordable. Designed around the real needs of Australian businesses, our information resources, tools and consulting services will help your businesses be financially robust, solve problems and take advantage of all commercial opportunities.

How We Design TransformationWe Redesign to Re-inspire

Transformation today revolves around the need to generate new value. We can step-in and step-out of your business as and when you need; or take care of the full transformation, from strategy to implementation. We have the requisite expertise, skills, tools, extensive network, and the know-how you need to be successful.

Strategy Design

Leveraging strengths, remedy weaknesses, seeking out opportunities and protect against threats to your business.

Leadership Design

Deliberately structure leadership development ecosystem that is tied to an organisation’s evolving strategy.

Organisation Design

We redesign business focusing on enabling the business to do what it is meant to do.

Culture Design

Culture can be redesigned to enable productively moulded with mutual commitment.

Offering Design

Providing offerings that exceed what customers expect is the goal of offering design. Capability to meet customer’s specific needs.

Movement Design

The balance of strategy, creativity, functionality, brand sensitivity and business sensibility.

How We Do ItSystematic Method Approach

Collappor8 have extensive experience in developing and implementing strategic plans. We have a systematic approach to building, delivering and evaluating custom strategies. Our proprietary Charter of Success ensures we get it right from the start. We assign accountability because someone needs to be responsible for every piece of your strategy. We break down your targets – a critical step that cannot be overlooked and monitor resource allocation along the way, reporting directly to the leadership team, and offer a guarantee – providing our customers with the confidence to trust us.

Collect & Collate




Corporate FinanceUnlock New Opportunities

Corporate finance controls capital investment, operations, banking and budgeting. The process is intended to maximize the value for shareholders by a combination of short and long-term financial planning. An Outsourced CFO gives small businesses the advantages of a large corporation. CFO command salaries in excess of $250,000. This frees up funds for investment in higher impact areas of the business. All of this, without compromising on the quality of the advice. Outsourcing CFO helps clients with strategic financial management, working with your existing finance team to extract information to allow you to better understand, manage and strategically plan your business – significantly reducing business risk, uncertainty and stress. Combining our Outsource CFO with our Banker on Your Side has all your bases covered.

All transformations require you to re-think how your business creates value today and in the future. Your business needs sustainable growth, and sustained growth requires agile reinvention. It’s not enough to win today. You have to be able to continue to evolve with shifting markets. Collappor8 works out your capabilities, your gaps, your resources, your possibilities and works with you to set objectives. A full transformation or partial transformation will be totally dependent on you, your business models, your dreams, and your capabilities. We do not need to provide you with accounting or Outsource CFO to transform your business, but we will need to collaborate with your choices. If you want to start transforming, you just need to decide to start!

“unlock new opportunities, drive new growth, deliver new efficiencies”

StrategyBuilding A Brighter Future

At the helm of Collappor8, our esteemed Partners Leah and Jo fuse chartered accountancy with economics respectively, performing both financial and microeconomic analysis. Our clients have called the results remarkable!

Age of the customer emerged from consumers being more empowered than ever because they can access information about products and services in real time. Consumers want immediate value and will go elsewhere if your business can’t provide it. Empowered customers should be shaping your business strategy. But is it?

Business Strategy Development

There will be many challenges in developing critical new capabilities that align goals, objectives, and rewards with customer needs. We must map strategy to the customer journey. We work to build momentum for customer centricity across your entire organisation because in the age of the customer, we need to get inside the mind of the customer. Strategies that improve ‘perceived value’ will win.


Business Planning & Implementation

Business planning is essential for the success of any business. The planning process helps you learn about the different forces and factors that may affect your success. A business plan gives you a sense of control. The challenges in implementing the plan are keeping to a timeline, staying on budget and having the allocated resources when they are needed. Working on your business, is as important as working in your business.


Business Analytics & Assessment

Once you’ve got a business plan in place, it’s a good idea to regularly review and update it to remind yourself of your goals and priorities. This assessment will tell you whether your strategies are working, giving you the opportunity to adapt to any changes in your environment and take opportunities as they come your way. Qualitative and quantitative reviews include due diligence and financial analysis.

reporting-boardroom meeting

Business Process Engineering

Business process engineering is a way in which businesses study their current business processes and develop new methods to improve productivity, efficiency, and operational costs such as digitisation and automation and rethink existing processes to deliver more value to the customer. It improves quality by reducing the fragmentation of work and establishing clear ownership of processes.

Our Value Proposition

We scope the direction of your business and the way in which your various operations work together to align your business to a single strategy. Our extensive network of professionals helps Australian businesses successfully navigate big transformation challenges taking a customised approach to help our clients. We redesign business to unlock new opportunities, drive new growth, deliver new efficiencies.

Banker on Your SideOn Your Terms

Business analytics is a vital part of any business. Business analytics make up a large portion of decision support systems, continuous improvement programs and many of the other techniques used to keep a business competitive and Bankers do this best. Business analytics can also be used to evaluate an entire business or parts. Business analytics are performed in order to identify strengths and weaknesses,  highlighting meaningful data that will help you prepare for future growth and challenges.

Bankers have extensive broad-based knowledge which contributes to business broad-based growth. They can analyse information, process it and give it back in many different forms quickly and efficiently. Having a Banker on your side can be a very beneficial relationship, yet bankers that work at banks for SME’s is a bit “hit and miss”, and if you “miss” this can be damning for your business. Instead, Banker on your side are all hits!


Banking & Bank Facilities

To an outsider, the world of banking can seem like an enigma. They are the keeper of secrets… Banks provide services for business who want to transact, hedge, lend and invest money. They are huge, complex organisations and you might notice there is a vast selection of products to choose from. Our clients tell us, its hard to get straight answers. Banker on your side helps you navigate your Bank.


Outsource Negotiator

Most people would probably say that a great banker is someone who originates and closes the biggest and best deals for the bank, generating significant revenue and enhancing the firm’s brand and reputation. Transaction complexity can usually be solved on the spot. That is a rare thing and a great asset in your corner whether you are fishing or have a whale on the hook. Banker on your side helps you negotiate with your suppliers and customers.


Investor Presentation

The mindset of a top performing banker fuels the quest to improve and the desire to understand situations not how they are perceived but how they are. They have a need to see the truth, in whatever form it comes in, as they know they are capable of handling whatever may come their way. This provides a unique perspective when pitching to investors and preparing business plans.


Training & Mentoring

There is a direct correlation between financial literacy and business success. Your level of financial literacy affects the speed and success of your growth plans. It is the ability to understand how money works in your business, how you earn it, spend it and invest it to improve your financial position. It affects your ability to borrow money for growth and your relationship with financial lenders.

Our Value Proposition

We listen to understand the unique aspects of your business. We work collaboratively with you to shore up your operations and relationships to enhance your competitive advantage. Collappor8’s know-how can have your business take advantage of any opportunity. Right now, we are helping our clients take advantage of deglobalisation. We do this well! We do this so well that we are mentors and instructors, devoted to boosting financial literacy and negotiating power in our clients’ business.

International BusinessBusiness Beyond Our Borders

Whether you are starting a business or have been running one for years, at some stage you will need external help and advice.  The rate of change in the global operating environment is rapid – driven by digital transformation, and significant geopolitical, economic and demographic shifts.

Business planning and development and navigating the increasingly complex global economy is incredibly difficult. Deglobalisation has put Australia in a unique situation, opening new opportunities for Australian Businesses in both importing and importing markets.

international -bay-boats-799091

International Strategy

Building an international business strategy requires the skills necessary to overcome trade barriers and compete in an ever-changing environment. You must plan for any pre-venture or existing business development ideas. You may need specific market research and intelligence, want to access our global network of researchers; international freight forwarders, suppliers, and other professional services to coordinating your workforce and build sustainable growth.


Trade of Goods & Services

Whether you are seeking to import or export, you will need market development support and access to best practice guidance. In manufacturing, many businesses have already re-shored elements of production, not because of an anti-globalisation backlash but because of rising costs, notably in China. To maximise the opportunities in front of you, new markets, substitute products, or chaos, you must be on the lookout at all times. We have our ear to the ground.


Capital & Financing Options

The amount of funds crossing borders is a third of the level seen before the financial crisis, mainly because banks have reined in their lending. But you might not be able to grow without it. Working with Banker on Your Side, applying for finance e.g. overdrafts, trade finance, and foreign exchange facilities (e.g. hedging) with your bank will be straightforward as our bankers know their way around bank lending policies, personas and ever-changing risk appetites within the banking industry.

Specialist Advice Trade

Advice & Professional Assist

New technology, products and services have changed the way we do business. Entire industries have arisen and disappeared in a rapidly changing environment that is still accelerating. Quick Professional advice may be what keeps you in front of your competition. Our Partnership with the Institute of Public Accountants and “Professional Assist” is that advantage when dealing with international business challenges.

Our Value Proposition

Forward-thinking businesses who strive to maintain competitiveness or achieve strategic growth are embracing international markets and opportunities. Collappor8 helps its clients to come to terms with the differing and varied laws, regulations and customs that govern the way business is done in other countries. Whether you are an Australian Business seeking to do business abroad, or an international business wanting to do business in Australian, getting the right business, tax and financial advice is critical to success. Collappor8 will collaborate with you to develop best fit strategies and effective solutions tailored to your individual needs so you are best able to meet global challenges and proactively respond to opportunities.

Internal AuditThe Watchdog, not the Bloodhound

Responsibility, Accountability, Answerability and Sanctions are not just buzzwords, they are business standards that should be supported by well-formed policies and procedures. If your parameters are not written down then you will have trouble enforcing them.

Sound boring – well, your capacity to build sustainable growth, with happy customers and motivated staff will depend on it. But just because you write them, doesn’t mean your teams adhere to them. Developing a culture of responsibility, accountability, answerability and sanctions seems rigid, but we challenge you to listen, really listen to what your staff thinks is wrong with the business, and feedback of customers and we guarantee, that its ambiguity, and lack of responsibility.

rule-policy and procedures

Policy & Procedures

Internal audit prevents financial mistakes and checks in on company goals, but this can only be done if everyone knows what is expected. If you don’t have policies? Then you should – at least for your core services, and high risks areas, e.g. deliveries, refund or any other contentious areas between departments. It can be as easy as diagrams and flowcharts, it’s up to you!


Conduct Audit

We check on our health, we service our cars, and if we hear a rattle – check it again. An internal audit’s objective is to ensure that internal policies and procedures are being adhered to and that there’s no rattle. Embracing audits and recognising their role in your business’s success will help build a better culture of accountability and keep everyone on track with your business objectives.

Oil Check


Internal audits don’t just look at your business’s finances, they can examine business operations and management to make sure everything is functioning efficiently and where they are not – fix them, or improve them. This provides opportunities for you to keep improving business processes, investigating new innovations or even further automation.



Nobody should write reports for the sake of writing reports. So much goes unread and this is an unacceptable internal culture if this is happening. However, if this is happening, you have to consider: are the reports understood, the parameters and assumptions set correctly, are managers confident enough to undertake the scrutiny and desire to implement change policies.

Our Value Proposition

Internal audit functions used to be in-house, but this has since changed instead opting for outsourcing options. Apart from reducing operating expenditure, many businesses find that outsourcing or even co-sourcing internal audit expertise – to management consultants better equipped to advance service levels and provide a better return on investment. This method also inspires knowledge transfer to help raise the competency of full-time employees, including access to significantly greater resources, immediate execution of work using pre-existing methodologies, plus greater objectivity and independence. Collappor8 performs internal audit following these concepts and our clients enjoy the process and on-the-job training.

Investment ProjectsBuilding A Brighter Future

Investing in the most profitable projects is what gives life and growth to a business. Unless a business has a clear strategy, conducts the necessary research to establish its priorities, the research and development of new products, the improvement of existing products or services, and to discover ways to operate more efficiently, acquire more customers in more markets, the business will at best stagnate.

Capital investment decisions also can be called ‘capital budgeting’ in financial terms. Capital investment decisions aim to allocate your money (or access to money) in the most effective manner to make sure that the returns are the best possible returns.

The process of making a capital investment decision involves these steps:


Define and scope

Investigate & Analysing



Evaluate, and adjust

These are some of the factors which affect capital investment decisions:

The outlook of management

Opportunities created by technological changes

A strategy of the competitor

Cash-flow / budget / Access to other leverage

Return on Investment

Market Forecast


New Products and Markets

Business Capital Investment could be for the expansion into a new product line, a new product market, or an entirely new market. This kind of strategy could, conceivably, change the nature of the business, which often prevents management from exploring this option too far. Opening more stores, or considering franchising; or opening sales offices or plants in other cities, States and Territories, or Countries are all examples of this type of investment.

People investment

Human Capital Investment

People are the best part of a business and a good strategy should address who, when, where, how, and how much? Businesses need to be aware of the education, skills, experience and personality type of every employee and determine how they enhance or compliment your business. Then implement a system of up-skilling, training and further education are key to improving, motivating, and retaining your talent – a necessary investment.


Fixed Capital Investment

Capital Investment could include investing in property (own or rent), technology, plant or equipment. Deciding whether to get additional plant or equipment or when and how to replace worn out plant or equipment is a straight-forward calculation for capital budgeting. There are many capital budgeting methods available in order to evaluate the viability and options of the project, coupled with profit and investment horizons, financing options and cash-flow.


Merger & Acquisition

Investing Capital in a merger or acquisition is one of the most exciting, and deeply complex looking for synergies. The benefits of joining forces with another business can be endless, but not always right. Benefits could include economies of scale, new markets, market share and tax benefits. It may also include obtaining quality staff, additional skills, knowledge, know-how, business intelligence or intellectual property and of course reduced costs.

Our Value Proposition

The largest stumbling blocks in investment decision making and project implementation is that they are often ill-structured, more complex than the business can handle; get waylaid after the novelty wears off; the irreversibility of possible outcomes, but, the work required to bring it to fruition can fatigue the other resources in your business, and ambiguity can be very expensive.

Many business owners rely on us to perform the calculations and guide them through the process, mitigate the risk, stay on task, and on budget!


This depends on you, the type of strategy you want, your capital and your commitment. It could take a few weeks for a small business, or it could take a few months for a medium or large business.  Collappor8 tries to build strategies with milestones, soft completions so you get something meaningful all along the way.

Yes, unless you want us to manage the entire Project. We can step in and out of your business as and when you need. You are in the driving seat, our Charter of Success will outline how you want this to work. A set of parameters by which success is measured. That’s why we get a Charter of Success, to give you the confidence you need to feel in control; or give us the confidence that we have your support to do it for you.

You set the budget. We have transparent fees and payment arrangement, and we are flexible and happy to negotiate. Fees will depend on the resources you require, internally and externally, your timeline and the project’s complexity. Collappor8 always offers options (less and more). We also guarantee our work by using a mutually agreed Charter of Success! A set of parameters by which success is measured.

Projects can be charged hourly, however, for large projects we suggest a fixed fee. We are always happy to provide a quote.

You can always change your mind. All we ask is that we collectively act in good faith and with fairness. If we have progressed to a Consultants Services Master Agreement, then you will only pay for time already spent in pursuit of your goals. If you have progressed to the Charter of Success stage then how to end the arrangement will have been mutually negotiated and agreed.

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