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Management Consulting Business in Bankstown

Collappor8 expands into Bankstown.

Collappor8 moves its Headquarters from The Pottery, Kingsgrove to Flinders Centre Bankstown. Flinders Centre Bankstown provides contemporary, efficient and sustainable A-grade office space, with the added services and facilities of the immediately adjacent Bankstown Sports Club.

Collappor8 at the Flinders Centre

Located at 25 Restwell Street in the heart of the Bankstown CBD, Flinders Centre Bankstown is within easy walking distance of the retail centre, and all transport interchanges. We will continue to maintain a presence in Kingsgrove servicing Bayside and Georges River businesses as we always have, however, Leah Ostermeyer – a Partner at Collappor8 says “it makes sense to move our HQ to Bankstown in this A-Grade Building as part of our plans to expand deeper into Sydney suburbs – closer to businesses that can benefit from our highly supportive management consulting services”. We are grateful to Finn Roache Lawyers for the opportunity to collaborate on local projects and finding new ways to collaborate.

Our Coming Out Party

As new members of the Canterbury Bankstown Chamber of Commerce, we are excited to be a part of their Business Expo on 10 August 2019, at Bankstown Sports Club. There is a growing need for a Management Consulting Business in Bankstown.

“It will be our pleasure to meet new and existing customers along with suppliers, partners, colleagues and friends on 10 August 2019 to celebrate the commitment we are making to Bankstown business in need of local management consulting services, inlcuding our all-in-one accounting team”, Jo Johnston.

Collappor8 operates a disruptive business model filling gaps in the marketplace. We are agile with a vast number of freelancers available to us with diverse skill sets. We know what greatness looks like so you don’t get a dud and we guarantee it. Collappor8’s growth comes from attracting creative business consultants that work collaboratively on your projects to achieve commercial successes. Having our business close to business managers and business owners get businesses the help they need when they need it.

Collappor8 Services

Bankstown has more than 33,000 businesses and less than 3,000 Professional Service Providers, 1,482 administrative and support services. Businesses need a Management Consulting Business in Bankstown that isn’t just advisory, but hands-on when you need. That’s the Collappor8 way!

We are business problem Solvers – Fixers even when you need it.

We cover the core needs of a business and have developed our areas of practice quite precisely. The convenience of this is our generalists scope your needs, and put together the resources you need. Our areas of practice are:

  • Strategy and Corporate Finance – advisory services
  • Accounting – including Outsource CFO, and Bookkeeping (Cloud Accounting or otherwise)
  • Customers and Marketing – including brand, web design, graphics and printing, SEO and sales techniques
  • Operations – Systemisation, IT, Automation, CRM System specialing in Zoho, Zoho CRM, and Zoho One,
  • People and Culture – HR compliance, Culture design, KPI and people management, and leadership training,
  • New Addition: Collappor8 Business Interiors
Collappor8 Services-Collappor8 Services - Management Consulting Business in Bankstown

Collappor8 Business Interiors

You can talk to Collappor8 Business Interiors on 02 8540 5086 for a free 1-hour consult or free measure and quote. Collappor8 Business Interiors looks at a business 360 degrees and offers solutions based on the businesses goals, staff productivity and staff psychology and builds a physical workspace to get the best out of your human resources and capital resources. We can design a workspace that includes how you work, what you work with, how you can optimise technology and your working environment both in an office environment and developing an agile mobile workforce.

We redesign to re-inspire

It is our belief that strategic advice must be at the heart of everything. Our consulting teams work together to help our clients and their management teams achieve business growth through leveraging your strengths, remedying weaknesses, seeking out opportunities and protecting against threats to your business. Accounting tells us where you have been, but, in order to get where you are going, you have to know where you are, so getting your accounts in order, presenting your business in the best light, and creating a positive narrative is key to any successful business plan.

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