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Disrupted Consulting: The Growing Importance of Customer-Centric Business Ideals

Now that society can give us anything we need with twenty options to spare, customers are growing more and more aware of their options, as they try to find services that not only match their product needs but also how they’re emotionally catered to as well. This gives rise to the growing importance of customer-centric business ideals. How we deal with it requires disrupted consulting businesses like Collappor8 to fill gaps of knowledge in fields unknown to us yet.

In a world where any customer can leave reviews and impressions on your business to freely choose another, businesses are quickly realising the importance of customer-centric values in their daily modus operandi to retain customer loyalty and the value that brings.

That’s why many keen companies are realising the importance of asking questions such as ‘what do our customers want?’ and ‘how do we improve customer experience?’ over more traditional business questions such as ‘what can we make and how can we sell it?’ Customer opinions have become an asset of their own, influencing business structures, sales, products, and the markets that sell them. By targeting customers emotional needs and giving customers the experience and products they want, businesses essentially create an asset that would keep giving returns for a long.

But what is customer-centricity?

Broadly, it means that businesses create an experience for their customers that provide more than their products and the prices slapped on them. By building a brand on quality customer service, and targeting customer experience, the values you share allow your business to differentiate itself from your other competitors.

Data and customer-centric business values

One aspect of embodying customer-centric business values is using data to know where to devote customer-focused resources and identifying which customer experiences relate to maximised profit and value.

Then it’s the natural process of investing people, technology, infrastructure, and information into that experience to continue driving that value.

Because as much as customer-centricity is increasingly a valuable asset to a business, it’s impossible to cater to every complaining customer. Therefore, companies have to be strict on understanding their own data – and how to target their audiences effectively. What is attractive to the best customers? How do we attract more of them? What services can we provide to make prices less relevant, and enhance their value?

Today, businesses don’t only compare themselves to their closest competitors, but also to the best company in the business who sets the standard for best customer experience.

Customer-centric thinking has effectively rewired traditional beliefs of where value originates from, and now’s the time to recognise the profit potential that comes from understanding the disruption that is brought from this great customer revolution.

Disrupted Consulting

Disruptive Consultants are no longer adhering to any sort of rules when it comes to delivering strategies giving rise to disruption in consulting. Traditional strategies are often a good starting point but a lot of the time, these strategies are being obsolete with every new data set. Customer-centric business values is a long-term strategy for the foreseeable future. What we do with every data set needs action now.

Collappor8 is a disrupted consulting business. It does this by being more than a source of strategic advice – it provides actionable business intelligence and then executes the task as quickly as it can to engage with the NOW customer. We are building in technology-based communication tools that respond to the customers how they want, where they want and now.

To name a few:

  • AI and Automation Apps
  • Media Buy rather than good ads
  • Social Platform autoresponders
  • Website Chat
  • CRM integrations

We find that many businesses are lazy or disorganised in communicating with clients. customer-centric business values drive better responses and data-driven strategies. Collappor8 offer full operational outsourcing capabilities for what our customers are not equipped to successfully provide. Don’t miss business opportunities or customers trying to get to know you.

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