Cloud Accounting in Australia

Cloud Accounting Benefits – all sizes.

Cloud accounting is having a tremendous impact on businesses across Australia. A growing number of businesses are looking to cut costs, streamline processes and boost productivity using innovative software and platforms. This includes accounting. The Accounting Services industry has only displayed modest growth over the past (5) five years, due to largely positive business confidence and increasing demand for industry-specific advisory services according to IBIS. In addition, revenue derived from high-value advisory services has increased as clients have looked to accounting firms for advice on cutting costs and becoming more efficient amid increasingly competitive business conditions. The industry has also expanded its value-added services by incorporating new technology, such as data analytics and cloud-based accounting.

Cloud Accountants in Australia

This software more accessible and more affordable driving an increase of high-quality software packages available on a monthly subscription basis. This is particularly beneficial for businesses in the SME sector, especially as it is now easier to form one software and back again and back again – forcing the software companies into extreme competition. With extreme competition comes lower prices. Previously, the world-class functionality available with some of this software was too expensive to be economic for SME’s, whereas now the entry cost is very low.

financial-accounting-business-enterprise-resource-cloud accountingWith the introduction of cloud accounting, we #cloudaccountants can now access your business financials without the need for the tedious exchange of files and information. Amendments and manual updates when/if they come back. We #technologyaccountants just log into your account access your information online in real time.

Have you experienced your information disappearing into the black hole, passing through 3-4 hands and finding yourself in limbo for 3 weeks or even 3 months?

For a business like Collappor8, the account preparation process is timely and efficient. We strive to open up access to more up-to-date and detailed business information for everyone who relies on it and provide valuable advice that leads to positive commercial successes. Access to the information online also means that this advice is based on real-time information, encouraging higher collaboration between businesses and their advisors which in turn leads to better governance, and more accurate tracking of key performance indicators. No reason not to make the move!

Collappor8 Cloud Accountants

Why is the cloud and accounting software are the perfect match? You can use cloud-based software from any device with an internet connection. Online accounting means small business owners can stay connected to their data and their accountants. The software can integrate with a whole ecosystem of add-ons, and Collappor8 are more than accountants, we’re management consultants that can help you integrate it all. Cloud accounting software such as Zoho Books can be integrated with hundreds of apps. Collappor8 are constantly working toward accreditations that allow us to help business no matter what cloud software you choose. We work with Creators, and It Specialists to solve any and all problems posed to us.

Quickbooks integrates with CRM systems like MindBody, Xero with Short-Cuts, and Reckon Payroll works with many cloud accounting software. Reckon Loans can also help with finance. We have recently Partnered with Reckon Loans to connect our clients with the funding they need. A business loan can enable our clients to achieve their goals, it’s perfect.

The best part of being a management consulting business is that we are not constrained by what we don’t do…because we do everything!

TAKEAWAY – Drive better business management

+ Take a fresh look at how you and your business use cloud accounting and other technology

+ Using cloud technology will result in more efficient and timely preparation of financial information

+ Your accountant can become a better business advisor with access to real-time information.

Collappor8 specialises in SME with turnover over $1 million. Read More…

The Future of Accounting in Australia

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