Grammarly – Amazing Tool For Those Who Need A Second Opinion

Let’s face it, writing can be difficult but not with Grammarly. For even the most experienced writers, grammar rules can slip under the radar. Sometimes this is because of personal quirks, like general wordiness, or a particular weakness in spelling. Or maybe, sometimes it’s just because time hasn’t been kind to your memory on the exact usage of semicolons, you’ve always placed your commas oddly, and you just kind of wing it on the day hoping no-one notices.

A lot of writers would probably agree that their writing can do with a second or third opinion where there is none readily available. And that’s where Grammarly comes in.

Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant that’s helping millions of people write more confidently, and it’s easy to download and use. It lives in your browser extension bar so it can check anything you write online, whether it’s for blogs or social media posts. Furthermore, it’s free to use.

Although other writing tools have grammar checks built-in, Grammarly takes it a step further with its specialisation. When downloading the app, Grammarly asks what type of writer you are – from basic to advanced, and what you usually use your writing for. It checks not only for things like spelling, but also ‘wordiness’, the correct usage of a word with multiple spellings in context, and grammar.

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Perhaps the best part if the fact that there’s a short explanation after every single mistake that Grammarly finds. There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing that you’ve done a mistake, but not know why, or how to fix it. With an explanation tacked onto why any particular word or phrasing is a mistake, Grammarly also becomes an empowering tool to keep improving your English skills no matter your level of writing.

The fact it operates online is great for last-minute editing for blogging and articles too. With a simple click on the bottom right of your text, Grammarly provides a pop-up editor that lets you access its in-depth editing system with no hassle at all with easy to understand scores (0-100) to know if you’ve hit the mark you wanted with your writing.

Grammarly is free – but you can boost it to the next level by going Premium

Although Grammarly is available as a free extension that checks more than 150 common grammar and spelling mistakes, there’s also a Premium version available that also offers a slew of other benefits. For example, on the Premium version, you can check for plagiarism against 8 billion websites (something definitely useful for students), as well as check genre-specific writing style checks, something that the free version doesn’t do. If you’re in a job that requires you to switch genres and audiences constantly, paying a few dollars to keep your writing in check can be a great check for you to keep on top of your game.

For many of us, however, going free is enough until you want to level up and see what you can do with more tools in your arsenal. Until then, try out Grammarly so you can always write confidently, mistake-free!

Want to check out Grammarly and how it can supercharge your writing? Feel free to click on this Grammarly link HERE to try out Grammarly for yourself and see what difference it can bring you!

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